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Professional Furnace Installation, Repair and Inspection

At Payne Mechanical Services LLC, we know that there is nothing worse than being unexpectedly stuck without a working furnace during cold winter months. As families and business owners, we have come to rely and depend on our furnaces to provide us with the heat that we so desperately need in our living spaces. When your furnace suddenly breaks down, you are left vulnerable and in an unexpected emergency situation that could potentially cost you hundreds of dollars you did not budget for. That is where we come in. Payne Mechanical Services LLC is a leading expert of furnace installation and repair. We have served our customers for many years and continue to provide fair, honest and high-quality service to this day. We are passionate about ensuring that our customers are being kept warm throughout the winter months, and cool during the summer.

We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients so that they are able to accurately diagnose problems before they even happen. We always recommend to have your furnace inspected every year, however the following are some tips that you can easily employ at home to avoid having to sleep through unexpected cold nights before realizing your furnace needs repair.

Check for excessive dust.

If you see a lot of extra dust gathering outside of the vents of your furnace, this could be a sign that the filters need changing or that there is a larger problem with the furnace not being able to filter the air properly. If you notice this, check to see if the filters need cleaning and call an expert to accurately diagnose the problem.

Notice any unusually high electric bills.

Heating costs that are substantially higher than usual could be a sign that there is something wrong with your furnace. If you notice an unexplained fluctuation in your heating bill, contact a professional to inspect the issue.

Listen for any loud or unusual noises.

It is common for any furnace to make the odd sound here and there, but it is not normal for the furnace to rattle or make very loud noises. If yours is being particularly vocal, call a professional to determine if a part has gone loose inside the unit, or if any machinery needs to be tuned up.

Consider your furnace’s age.

It’s common sense that the older the piece of mechanical equipment, the higher the chances that it may need to be repaired or even replaced. If your furnace is more than 15 years old, consider calling a professional furnace expert to take a look at it. This may save you an unexpected night without heating or potentially costly emergency repairs.

Keeping some of these basic ideas in mind when it comes to your furnace will help you prevent any unexpected hassles this coming winter. Remember to have your furnace checked at least once a year and to keep an eye on these small details to stay warm all winter long!

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